Sunday, June 1, 2008


First things first; plays that you could attempt through the semester; happened to watch this British movie called "Death at a Funeral" recently and I just felt that it would be awesome if we could get that made into a play; with oodles of changes here and there, of course. But it'd be like a perfect full length comedy if you guys could attempt it. Do try getting hold of a DVD some place or downloading it.
Then of course, there's this whole list of good plays that you guys could work on; but considering the rather drastic change in the sort of people that'd be watching the ones you do, I shut up. :P
And talking of plays watched through summer; don't even get me started on this horrid horrid reproduction of Arthur Miller's "Death of A Salesman" by this randomest troupe at Rangashankara recently. They murdered it. It was gory. Amen.
Lemme know if you guys need scripts; oodles up my sleeve.

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Jay said...

I did read up the synopsis on Wiki - it must be thoroughly entertaining as a movie, though I doubt we can portray the nudity and homosexual references in the play to any effect. All the same, I think it'd be an entertaining movie :)